[TxMt] HTML - Completion problem using ESC (TM's internal text completion)

Thomas Aylott - subtleGradient textmate at subtleGradient.com
Tue Apr 15 15:41:53 UTC 2008

On Apr 15, 2008, at 4:11 AM, Hans-Joerg Bibiko wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the following HTML code [ | indicates the caret]:
> <li>1. Einlesen des Textes</li>
> <dd>
> 	<b>Das Einl|</b>
> </dd>
> If I press ESC to complete "Einl" to "Einlesen" TM beeps. I believe  
> TM has a problem internally with the following "<foo>". If I have a  
> space or a bracket after the "l" like "<b>Das Einl| </b>" the  
> completion works fine.
> Even if I have "Einl|foo" OR "Einl|<>" OR "Einl|</>" and I press ESC  
> TM  tries to complete "Einl" correctly.
> TM has ONLY a problem if between < and > occurs one or more  
> characters AND if the grammar is set to HTML (in Plain Text it  
> works!).
> Is this a bug? Is that behaviour configurable/changeable?
> TM 1.5.7 (1464) on Mac OSX 10.5.2 (ppc)
> Thanks,
> --Hans

That's probly me. I've been fiddling around with html completion and  
I'm not going to have the time to fix it until tomorrow or later in  
the week.
If you want to fix the scopes in the preference items and update the  
bundle, I'd be more than delighted.


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