[TxMt] Help - TextMate for beginner

Lasar Liepiņš lasar at liepins.net
Mon Apr 14 18:12:51 UTC 2008

On 14.04.2008, at 20:04:55, Joe Kuan wrote:
>> That's Fn+cursor up and cursor Iirc
>> Niels
> Well, that's not really a page up/down. It only scrolls up and down.
> Page up/down should include moving the caret to the current page.

On a Mac, pg up/down does not include moving the cursor. Unlike
other systems, I believe.

Can't help you with the ^V equivalent to go up. I'm sure it
exists and I've used it, but I can't find it :/



_Lasar Liepins
lasar at liepins.net

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