[TxMt] Easy way to open and see two files in a project at once?

Steven Rowat Steven_Rowat at sunshine.net
Mon Apr 14 16:20:55 UTC 2008


Working in a TM project, I often have this problem:

I want to compare code with another file in the project. I want to 
see them both at once; possibly to edit one or the other or both.

Then I find I can only look at one of the files at a time - the 
second file always opens in place of the first one, inside the 
project. I have to trust my memory about what the first file said. 
Bad idea, usually.  :-)

My current workaround is to create a new document, and copy code from 
the second file into it, so it can float beside the project. But this 
is a poor replacement for two active windows; takes several steps, 
and only one of the files can be edited actively.

I could also close the project, and open both files. Again, a poor workaround.

Is there any other way?

If not, is there anyone else who'd agree this would be a nice feature for 2.0?

Especially this happens with CSS cascade files, where I need to 
choose how the same parameters are controlled at different levels.

Steven Rowat

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