[TxMt] 'bug' in php bundle: indentation of elseif on same line as closing brace is wrong

Lasar Liepiņš lasar at liepins.net
Mon Apr 14 16:19:17 UTC 2008


On 14.04.2008, at 17:38:23, S. Moon wrote:
> Off topic, but I've seen some strange decisions (or bugs) with the  
> PHP bundle. (e.g. Type php and hit tab - braces are reversed for  
> some reason, maybe intentional?)

I believe it's intentional. Since the document is PHP, you're _inside_  
a PHP block. So typing php[tab] there would give you reverse tags to  
get into the HTML mode. Whereas when you have the document type set to  
HTML (which arguably makes sense since any PHP document is HTML/text  
before you go into PHP mode with <?), typing php[tab] will give you <? 
php | ?>.

> I guess not many TM users work with PHP? (Yes, RoR is the way to go  
> - but there are situations that PHP has a faster Time-to-Market so  
> you have no choice.)

I do, and I know I'm not the only one :)
Though I'll admit I probably use very little of the TM toolset. For  
instance I've never used function autocomplete for PHP.



_Lasar Liepins
lasar at liepins.net

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