[TxMt] Semi-OT Screencast FAQ?

Dennis Amrouche dennis at screenlabor.de
Mon Apr 14 11:52:23 UTC 2008

Am So, 13.04.2008, 01:06, schrieb Steven Harms:

> If anyone has tips and tricks using
> snapz-x pro or a HOWTO please let
> me know.

Hi Steven,

I could recommand you a little nice tool "keycastr" which is showing what
keys you are pressing while shooting your screencast.

all key-combinations will appear in a nice and floating little
"smoke-styled" box.

your audience will always see what actions in textmate you are doing...
you can concentrate on the narration.

maybe also worth a try:

- ScreenFlow

- Screenflick

Both are specialiced Screencast-Apps which promise to be as twice as fast
as SnapzPro is.

YAlso you wont have too much struggle cropping/sizing/converting/encoding
the video before upload. Both to be comprehended as Screencast-Suites with
"everthing you need" including easy editing of the clip.

I myself wished as beginner for exactly what you have suggested: more



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