[TxMt] Ruby help (ri) lookup frustrated by duplicated entries

Graham Ashton graham.ashton at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 00:04:31 UTC 2008

On 09/01/2008, Fritz Anderson <fritza at manoverboard.org> wrote:

>  Looks good, thanks, but after
>  $ sudo gem install fastri
>  $ # (yields a lecture about installing from the tarball instead, but says
> it did it)
>  $ fastri-server -b
> [snip]
>  TM QUESTION: TextMate displays the new behavior immediately, but it no
> longer includes Rails documentation. How do I get that back?

I just had the same problem. I ran these two commands (neither worked
in isolation):

  fastri-server -B
  fastri-server -b

It appears to have magically re-indexed all my installed gems! :-)

And there's always Noobkit.app...

Graham Ashton

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