[TxMt] New feature: Interactive input.

Luke Daley ld at ldaley.com
Sun Apr 6 03:48:10 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I have just committed 2 changes to the support dir.

I have introduced tm_interactive_input.dylib which allows any process  
using it to request input from the user in the normal way (e.g. gets  
in Ruby or read in Bash) and have TM present a dialog to the user  
allowing them to enter input. You can read a little bit more about  
this dylib @ http://macromates.com/svn/Bundles/trunk/Tools/tm_interactive_input/usage.md 

I have also changed scriptmate to use this new feature, so any  
scriptmate implementation for a particular language automatically  
inherits this new functionality.

If you maintain a bundle and have a command that could benefit from  
this new feature, then checkout the usage doc link above or take a  
gander at what scriptmate does to set this up. I am on the IRC channel  
fairly frequently so you can usually catch me there if you are having  
problems using it.



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