[TxMt] Assembly language patterns

Edward K. Chew ekchew at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 17:10:28 UTC 2008

On 5-Apr-08, at 12:42 PM, Tony Crockford wrote:
> On 5 Apr 2008, at 14:06, Edward K. Chew wrote:
>> I just joined this list and seem to be having trouble posting, but  
>> I'll give it another try.
> FYI - Gmail helpfully hides messages that are send from you, until  
> someone replies - it assumes that any message to a list that you  
> send, you know about, so it doesn't show you it again, which often  
> means you (we, all gmail users) think you're post never made it onto  
> the list.
> not the best UI IMHO, but there you go...
> ;)

Ah.  To think they must have gone to some trouble to come up with a  
feature like that...


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