[TxMt] Assembly language patterns

Joachim Mårtensson joachimm at etek.chalmers.se
Sat Apr 5 15:16:24 UTC 2008

> I just joined this list and seem to be having trouble posting, but
> I'll give it another try.
> I was wondering what the prevailing wisdom is regarding pattern naming
> conventions for assembly languages.  I'm working on a bundle for an
> obscure chip (the long-discontinued Motorola DSP96002 which we still
> use in a variety instruments on account of it being one of the few
> DSPs which supports extended precision floats).  So far, I've got
> patterns like "assembly.opcode", "assembly.directive", and
> "assembly.directive.macro", but I'm not sure this is the way to go.
> Should these all be under "keyword", for example?
While I am not an authorative person on the subject (I do get harassed by
Infininight ever so often ;) )
here are some suggestions:

assembly.opcode => keyword.control.assembly (Jump, Call, Load, Store etc)
perhaps ops such as add and multiply should be keyword.operator.assembly

assembly.directive.macro => support.function.macro.assembly

I would put registers under storage.type.register.assembly and labels
under entity.name.function.assembly. For example,

label: add r1, r2

in the above label would be the entity scope, r1 and r2 the storage.

Joachim Mårtensson

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