[TxMt] force unknown file type to open

Rob McBroom textmate at skurfer.com
Fri Apr 4 16:47:14 UTC 2008

On Apr 1, 2008, at 9:44 PM, David Morton wrote:
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> Since upgrading to Leopard, I've had one very annoying problem.  I  
> cannot get textmate to open a file when it has no extension and has  
> not been explicitly set to be opened by textmate yet.

Really? You can't get it to open? Or you can't get it to open by  
double-clicking it in the Finder? I'll assume the latter. Here are  
some alternatives:

   * Drag the file to TextMate's Dock icon. (That's what I usually do.)
   * Right-click and use the "Open With" menu
   * If you're a Quicksilver user, you could grab the file with ⌘⎋  
and "Open with…" ⇥ TextMate
   * File → Open, from within TextMate (duh)
   * I believe there was an "Open in TextMate" Finder toolbar button  
you could add, but I'm not sure where you can find it or if it works  
under Leopard

Having all no-extension files open in TextMate on double-click is  
wrong in my opinion and I was glad to find that the Leopard upgrade  
"broke" TextMate's attempt to take them over (because now I don't have  
to edit TM's Info.plist to remove the behavior with every upgrade).  
The problem is, under Tiger, no-extension files would lose their  
identity. Instead of being identified as a "Unix Executable File" with  
the appropriate icon, the files would be of unknown type with a  
generic icon. Lame.

Last I heard from Allan on this, there are three people like me who  
think the behavior was wrong and annoying, and 4 trillion people like  
you who don't care and just want to double-click stuff. So, you can  
feel good about being in the majority, but it looks like Apple has  
taken the ability to do inappropriate things with file types out of  
the hands of developers, so you might be out of luck.

Rob McBroom

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