[TxMt] XCode / TextMate integration

Tim Harper timcharper at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 21:43:52 UTC 2008

This is a little experiment I've been working on for a while to  
increase TextMate's interoperability with XCode and give it the  
features of a robust IDE, like XCode, without sacrificing the elegance.

In short, the result is code complete, visual code-hierarchy, etc. for  
languages like ruby, python, objective-c, javascript, etc.

It's in an alpha stage, but is quite usable and been shown to enhance  
productivity.  If you'd like to grab a pre-release build before it  
gets rolled into the TextMate subversion repository, you can grab it  


Use the XCodeMate mailing list for feedback / support, as listed on  
the website.


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