[TxMt] Re: New version of Texari Reborn Theme

marios tmtxpstuff at consking.com
Wed Sep 26 13:13:54 UTC 2007

Jacob Rus wrote:
> Ray Slakinski wrote:
>> I still find it hard to read, see new example
> The problem here is that there is insufficient value (lightness)
> contrast between the colors: humans are great at distinguishing color
> with value contrast, and much worse when there is only contrast in hue
> or colorfulness.

  In this case, the scheme overall would benefit from
> having its colors be lighter: at the moment, they are of middle
> lightness, which means they don't contrast as well as they could with
> the black background.

That is true. I'm not entirely happy myself with it. Now, the problem
here from my point of view was this:

I wanted to have a theme that plays as low in contrast as possible,
preferably on a blackboard like color.
( The ones we had in school. )
with pastel like colors. ( The ones that mimic the chalk ones we had in
school as well. )
Anything that has too much contrast, has a very tiring effect on the eyes.
In fact, if I could get this right, it'll allow you to spend much more
hours on screen.
( One reason I liked  Thoma's Twilight Theme )

The tricky thing here is to find a balance of contrast between the text
values and the background values.

> But whatever happens to the text colors, the highlight color here should
> be darker, because at the moment it is of near identical lightness to
> the text colors, and they therefore blend right together.

Also true. Once I changed the background colors, I noticed that I've run
in the opposite problem.
Since I usually only use it for cutting and pasting, I didn't care about
Apparently the color  values have to change all together.

I'll give it another overall shot, once I get the chance.

regards, marios

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