[TxMt] Latex bundle: Latexmk upgrade

Brad Miller bmiller at luther.edu
Tue Sep 25 15:02:12 UTC 2007

For those of you adventurous enough to be using the Latex bundle from the
subversion repository I wanted to let you know that latexmk.pl has had a
significant upgrade, as has the integration of latexmk with the Latex

For those of you that do not know, latexmk is a perl script that runs
latex/bibtex/makeindex at the appropriate times and places to make sure your
document, and all citations, cross references, and index entries are up to
date and properly typeset.  The latest version of latexmk now supports more
packages like multibib and some glossary packages, and seems generally
better able to handle complex documents.

The latex bundle is now smart enough to tell latexmk to use alternative
versions of latex (xelatex for example) and is smart enough to tell latexmk
to to generate a dvi file --> ps --> pdf when you are using pstricks or
other packages.  In addition any extra options you add in preferences or
through a %!TEX directive are passed on to latexmk.

Go ahead, check the box.

Brad Miller
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Luther College
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