[TxMt] latex bundle - coloring error - \ and lstlisting

Charilaos Skiadas cskiadas at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 10:10:48 UTC 2007

Hi Luca,

	I cannot reproduce this, and downloading the file you put on the  
ticket did not help either. Perhaps you can send me the sample file  
over email? The version on the web looks really weird, no newlines etc.

Btw, what is the scope on the lines both before and after your  
lstlisting? You can find that by placing the caret there and pressing  
ctrl-shift-p. Also what is the scope inside your lstlisting?

On Sep 20, 2007, at 12:22 PM, Luca Torella wrote:

> There is an error in the coloring of a latex document when i put a  
> '\' in a lstlisting; here is the example:
> \begin{lstlisting}
> reservedWordsFM = listToUFM $
> map (\(x, y, z) -> (mkFastString x, (y, z)))
> \end{lstlisting}
> the '\' is legal in the lstlisting but the bundle show an invalid  
> string and invalidate all t he remaining document
> if u wanna see the file which introduce the error you can download  
> it here:
> http://macromates.com/ticket/show?ticket_id=0A9B755F

Haris Skiadas
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Hanover College

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