[TxMt] Re: HTML autoconversion of urls | updating bundles

Brett Terpstra brett at circlesixdesign.com
Sat Sep 15 20:42:47 UTC 2007

The file I attached was a zip file of a command, so it should have  
had a zip extension.  Your mail server/reader may have altered that,  
but it came through fine on mine.  If I can get a more complete  
version together, I'll post it to my blog and get you a link.


On Sep 14, 2007, at 9:24 PM, Jon Ippolito wrote:

>>> From: Allan Odgaard <throw-away-1 at ...>
>>> Subject: Re: HTML autoconversion of urls to hyperlinks
>>> Date: 2007-09-05 00:32:36 GMT (1 week, 3 days, 1 hour and 28  
>>> minutes ago)
>>> [...] it would be more useful for me to have a macro that would
>>> auto-convert all urls in a text document to active hyperlinks [...]
>> Are you familiar with Markdown? Perhaps it would be more effective
>> for you to write the first draft of your text in Markdown and press
>> ⌃⇧H to generate the HTML -- Markdown will convert <http://
>> macromates.com/> into
>> <a href="http://macromates.com/">http://macromates.com/</a>
> Allan,
> Thanks for the tip--I can see Markdown is going to make my life  
> much easier!
> One follow-up question: Brett Terpstra alluded to an HTML bundle he  
> was working
> on that would offer the option of omitting the link title lookup. I  
> downloaded
> the snippet (a .bin file) he had attached and double-clicked on it,  
> but nothing
> happened.
> Then I figured maybe the update would be in the bundle repository at
> http://macromates.com/svn/Bundles/trunk/, but I couldn't figure out  
> how to
> update these or load them from different sources.
> Any instructions for updating bundles appreciated--
> thanks as always for your help.
> jon
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