[TxMt] View Scope command on Cutting Edge

marios tmtxpstuff at consking.com
Sat Sep 15 09:06:53 UTC 2007

Allan Odgaard wrote:
> On 14/09/2007, at 11:44, marios wrote:
>>> [...]
>> Allan, the View Scope command is supposed to be in the TextMate Bundle
>> right ?
> It was moved to Bundle Development.
>> The strange thing is, I'm not able to locate this command at all.
>> Some other Key Equivalents are back to normal. (Switch Language
>> commands, and such )
> So when you said that Show Scope didn’t output anything, the problem was
> really, that you did not have the command at all?
Yep, that's right. So after cleaning out all Bundle Folders, the select
Bundle Item wouldn't even list it,since it wasn't
enabled in the List Filter of the Bundle Editor.

Everything is smooth and dandy.

Thanks again.

regards, marios

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