[TxMt] Error attempting to create XCode project from XCode bundle

Larry Wilson lwilson at mac.com
Fri Sep 14 05:11:07 UTC 2007

Oops...partial operator error...  I was looking in the wrong set of  
Library folders.  The problem was actually that the installer for  
PyObjC had installed a text file in that folder, and the script  
doesn't like items in that folder that aren't folders.  I removed the  
text file, so that there were only subfolders, and everything is now  
working fine.

On Sep 13, 2007, at 7:52 PM, Larry Wilson wrote:

> I am new to TM, and with the most recent version installed (1405),  
> I get the following error when I attempt to create a new XCode  
> project via the 'New Project Using XCode Template' menu item in the  
> XCode bundle.  It appears that there is a problem with the  
> templates not being found.  There was no Project Templates folder  
> at the path indicated in the error message.  Is this a standard  
> folder that XCode should have installed (or somehow got deleted?).   
> XCode seems to be functioning just fine without it.
> /tmp/temp_textmate.ocWNhI:97:in `open': Not a directory - /Library/ 
> Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/Project Templates/ 
> 00README.txt  (Errno::ENOTDIR)
> 	from /tmp/temp_textmate.ocWNhi:97:in  `foreach'
> 	from /tmp/temp_textmate.ocWNhi:97:in  `scan_dir'
> 	from /tmp/temp_textmate.ocWNhi:108
> 	from /tmp/temp_textmate.ocWNhi:106:in `foreach'
> 	from /tmp/temp_textmate.ocWNhI:106
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