[TxMt] Parse entire project with regex

Constantinos Neophytou ♎ constantinos at neophytou.net
Sun Sep 9 20:17:43 UTC 2007

On 9 Sep 2007, at 20:12, Ale Muñoz wrote:

> Take a look at the "Grep in Project" command:
> <http://henrik.nyh.se/2007/06/grep-in-project-command-for-textmate>
> If can be easily modified to suit your needs, and it spits results on
> a format you can copy and paste on another document.

Thanks, that helped. I made a bash script that outputs the grep data,  
and I have the find/replace strings for TextMate's regular expression  
match.. What's the best way to combine the two, i.e. run the bash  
script, and then pipe the output in a regex find/replace, and output  
to a file? I'm guessing my options are either a complicated macro  
(don't know how to output to a file with this method, if even  
possible), or a Command... which I think would be preferable, but  
then how would I go about executing the find/replace inside the command?

Constantinos Neophytou
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