[TxMt] excluding directories from "go to file"

Michael Stillwell mjs at beebo.org
Sun Sep 9 18:03:39 UTC 2007

On 9 Sep 2007, at 18:22, Ciarán Walsh wrote:

> On 9 Sep 2007, at 04:08, Michael Stillwell wrote:
>> I've seen that, and am using it, but was hoping for something more  
>> project-specific.
> As I said, read the bottom paragraph:
> “The patterns are only used when creating new folder references.  
> For existing folder references one can select the folder reference  
> in the project drawer and use the info button (a circled letter I)  
> in the project drawer to edit the patterns.”
> This pattern is project-specific

Apologies.  This does do what I want.  I read the page but didn't  
understand it, and wasn't able to operate the info button (works on  
the root directory only), and so gave up.


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