[TxMt] Code completion for Ruby on Rails?

Gary King garyking at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 08:50:19 UTC 2007

It would be nice to have Code Completion included in the Rails bundle.
I have split my time using TextMate for PHP and Ruby on Rails, and one
thing that I like about how PHP is handled in TM is code completion
(hitting Escape for a partial function name to get a list of possible
functions to choose from.)

It would be extremely useful to have this for Rails. I read that if I
freeze Rails, then code completion would work, but in most cases, one
does not want to freeze Rails. One thing that would be especially
convenient is to have code completion for Rails methods that are
globally available in Rails views, such as link_to; this method alone
has no less than SIX other variations, to give you an example of the
standardized method naming convention in Rails. This is commonplace
among the other methods in Rails.

link_to variations include:

- link_to_function
- link_to_remote
- link_to_if
- link_to_image
- link_to_unless
- link_to_unless_current

Anyways, hopefully this will drum up some discussion about this and
get something going. It would be nice if someone who already has
experience creating Completion code for TM Bundles could handle this
task, since I rarely touch TM Bundles and Snippets.

Gary King

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