[TxMt] Search and replace matching brackets?

Robin Houston robin.houston at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 18:49:20 UTC 2007

Excellent, glad it was helpful.

It really ought to be possible to combine subexpression calls and back
references to do things like matching well-formed XML elements.
Unfortunately this doesn't work with the Onigurama engine, because
subexpression calls mess up back referencing. That's a real shame: it
does work in PCRE.

If you change \k<name> to \g<name> in the code below, then it will
work (but then of course it doesn't check that the closing tag has the
same name as the opening one).


(?x) # Enable layout and comments

			# An XML name begins with a letter, underscore or colon:
			# followed by a sequence of NameChars (see the XML definition):
			# In XML, the whitespace chars are space, tab, CR and LF.
			(?<space>[\ \t\r\n]+)
				'[^']*' | "[^"]*"
		[^<]  # This is not quite technically correct, but is probably good enough
		</ \k<name> \g<space>? >
		< \g<name> \g<attr>* \g<space>? />

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