[TxMt] Re: TM_USERNAME is null on Leopard [resolved]

John Hunter john at johnhunter.info
Fri Nov 30 20:20:11 UTC 2007

Thanks all.

The easy answer (which I missed in the rel notes) is to use  
TM_FULLNAME instead.

Works a treat!


On 30 Nov 2007, at 12:00, Allan Odgaard (via digest) wrote:
> From the r1431 release notes:
>    [NEW] TextMate sets TM_FULLNAME (unless you set it yourself)
>    to the user’s full name, so no longer necessarily to fiddle
>    with niutil and dscl to obtain it.
> So it should not be necessary for commands/snippets to try and  
> obtain the full username themselves.

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