[TxMt] [ANN] Taskmate GTD bundle (and: how to get it into the repository?)

Sven Fuchs svenfuchs at artweb-design.de
Tue Nov 27 14:17:30 UTC 2007

I have raised to the grade of a neophyte bundle author recently and  
released my own perfect TextMate GTD bundle. It's conceptually based  
on Henrik's Tasks bundle, but implemented differently to allow for  
some additional features. You can find some links at beneath if you're  

Now I'm interested in getting this into the official TextMate  
repository. I'm quite sure that my bundle doesn't adhere to any  
required style- or naming conventions and I'm keen to tackle that next.

Can you point me to some kind of guideline or other document here? I  
haven't been able to find anything about the process of getting a  
bundle approved and published.

Also, I'd greatly appreciate feedback, suggestions, criticism ...  
regarding the bundle. I'm using it myself, but I'd love to learn what  
others think about it.

Thanks a lot!

[1] about my initial motivation:

[2] release announcement:

[3] download, install & usage notes:

[4] Henriks Tasks bundle:

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