[TxMt] Can TextMate be made to emulate VIMs eol behavior

Peter Haza peter.haza at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 21:37:40 UTC 2007

You can hook into save by making a snippet, command or macro with key
equivalent for ⌘S (this will always be called before save)
I use this for removing trailing whitespace and making backups on  
each save.

I think the simplest solution to your problem would be to create a  
macro where you do three things:
⌘↓ (goto last line)
⌘→ (goto end of line)
↩ (new line)

save the macro and set key equivalent to ⌘S
I think to only apply to certain files by setting scope.
In your case, I think setting scope to -text.html (that's a leading  
minus sign, yes) will exclude
html files for your macro.


On Nov 15, 2007, at 10:25 PM, Jachin Rupe wrote:

> hi there
> I am a TextMate user in a primarily Vim development shop writing php
> and html. Vim does this thing where it adds a new line to the end of
> any files it saves. Here is an example, foo.txt was made with Vim,
> foo2.txt was made the TextMate.
> Desktop jachin$ vi foo.txt
> Desktop jachin$ mate foo2.txt
> Desktop jachin$ hexdump foo.txt
> 0000000 66 6f 6f 0a
> 0000004
> Desktop jachin$ hexdump foo2.txt
> 0000000 66 6f 6f
> 0000003
> Where this cases a problem is with subversion. We are starting to see
> a lot of svn diffs with:
> No newline at end of file
> Files are showing up as modified that, for all practical purposes,  
> are not.
> One solution would be to just have all the Vim developers to :set
> noeol, but Vim is the standard text editor here and all other text
> editors must conform.
> I was hoping TextMate would have a preference setting under "Text
> Editing" or "Advanced"->"Saving".
> Also one more wrinkle, sometimes, even the "Vimers", do not want that
> final line break (in the case of some html files), so a perfect
> solution would allow us to set this behavior on a file type basis.
> Is there a way to hook into the save command through a bundle?
> Are there any other ideas any one has for a solution?
> Thanks
> -jachin
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