[TxMt] javascript mootools bundle scope corrections

Thomas Aylott - subtleGradient textmate at subtleGradient.com
Wed Nov 14 13:07:11 UTC 2007

Not sure of his status, but I was planning on upgrading the mppptopla  
bundle to support the new mootools 1.2.

I'll try and incorporate that change with my other upgrades.

Thomas Aylott [SubtleGradient] from iPhone

On Nov 14, 2007, at 7:35 AM, Peter Haza <peter.haza at gmail.com> wrote:

> It seems like the mootools bundle wrongly scopes variables named the  
> same as methods in mootools' classes as methods.
> Example:
> http://pastie.textmate.org/private/nsry0oftvpsfftyul6lslw
> (make sure you use a theme like Blackboard which highlights js)
> As you can see the map variable is highlighted, and wrongly scoped  
> like support.class.array.js.mootools.
> Unfortunately I'm still very new to TextMate language grammars and  
> not very confident with mootols, so I'm not sure I'm in a position  
> to file a patch. The way to fix this thought, I presume would be to  
> look for a leading '.'(dot) instead of word boundary for all class  
> methods. Something like:
> match = '(?<=\.)(map|forEach|...)\b';
> The mootools bundle is Joe Maller, is he still around here available  
> to fix?
> Regards,
> Peter Haza
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