[TxMt] TMTOOLS & Ctrl-Esc (gear menu)

Roberto Saccon rsaccon at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 12:14:46 UTC 2007

thanks again for the helpful clarification

> >
> > 1) after having parsed compiler error output, highlight the region of
> > the error and move  caret there
> Well, AFAIK the error output of Erlang is something like:
> ./test.erl:5: syntax error before:foo
> I suppose you will output the error messages in an HTML window. To
> jump to a given file and a given line you can use TextMate's URL scheme.
> see at http://macromates.com/textmate/manual/
> using_textmate_from_terminal section 21.2
> Each error would be written as an HTML link à la: <a href="txmt://
> open/?url=file://./test.erl&line=5">test.erl:5: syntax error
> before:foo</a>

Great, that wil do the job !

> You wrote "...highlight the region of the error ...". This would mean
> you have a specific range. But AFAIK one only gets the line number.
> Or am I wrong?

Oh, consider a line as a region

> > 2) source code manipulation such as refactoring,  based on AST
> Which TMTOOLS function do you would need for that?

I am still looking for it, a function which lets me replace text at
given line and position (as position I have token column number, but
that can easily be transformed to a regexp)

Roberto Saccon

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