[TxMt] TMTOOLS & Ctrl-Esc (gear menu)

Roberto Saccon rsaccon at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 01:03:11 UTC 2007

Hans-Jörg, thanks for our explanations.

Ok, I understand now that I should only use it for private purposes.

> Regarding to your Erlang enhancements: What do you want to improve by
> using TMTOOLS? Maybe, there are other ways.

This is what I would use TMTOOLS for:

1) after having parsed compiler error output, highlight the region of
the error and move  caret there
2) source code manipulation such as refactoring,  based on AST

I am new to textmate, there might be other ways to achieve this ..

otherwise I am hoping Allan is reading this and soon providing a
stable API, then I could write the Erlang integration natively (but
that is a problem of it's own, so far I have only written native
Erlang integrations in C)

Roberto Saccon

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