[TxMt] Ruby Bundle, "Run" Command, glitch

Florian Gilcher flo at andersground.net
Mon Nov 12 13:29:28 UTC 2007


I don't know whether this was reported before.

The following Ruby Script has a misbehaviour (please consider [1] and  
[2] as markers :):

puts "Here's 1 +[1] 1: #{ 1 +[2] 1}"

If the Caret is at position [1], Apple-R runs the program inside the  
ruby interpreter. If the Caret is at position [2], the default Run- 
command (Build in X-Code is used).

This is because #{...} is scoped as embedded Ruby source, which is  
explicitely filtered for the Run-Command. I didn't patch it, as I  
don't know which way to go (changing the scope or changing the scope  
selector for the command). But I hope the bundle maintainer can sort  
that out in a second :).


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