[TxMt] mercurial bundle not finding its .hg dir

Oktay Acikalin ok at ryotic.de
Mon Nov 12 08:06:52 UTC 2007

Am 12.11.2007 um 05:33 schrieb Allan Odgaard:

> On 12 Nov 2007, at 01:14, Oktay Acikalin wrote:
>> if i do "mate project-dir" i can use mercurial pretty fine. but if  
>> i do "mate framework project-dir" it says this:
>> abort: There is no Mercurial repository here (.hg not found)!
> Many commands use the TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY variable to get the root  
> of your project. This variable is the common parent directory for  
> all top-level files/folders added to your project.
> So by adding two folders you effectively change the project  
> directory, and hg will thus not find its meta data.

so this is were i can look.. i'll try.. :)

> You might be able to simply select your project dir in the drawer  
> before issuing a Mercurial command --

selecting the project-folder, a folder below or a file didn't help :-/.

> another approach would be to make a symlink below your project-dir  
> to the framework, if you want it to be part of the project.

this is the approach i had until yesterday evening :). but i want to  
keep it out of my project folders. with tm this seems to be easily  
managable. so i rewrote some parts, finally wanting to commit but..  
njaa :)

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