[TxMt] Indent size different from tab size

Rachel Greenham rachel at strangenoises.org
Sun Nov 11 13:08:05 UTC 2007

Ryan Hodges wrote:
> I'll second this request. I'm maintaining legacy code that's 10 years old
> and
> it requires tabstops every 8 characters, but an indent width of 4 spaces.
> Doing the expand, unexpand trick won't work on this old code because the
> final
> unexpand introduces tabs into sections of code that didn't have them
> before.
> Unfortunately, I have to stick with Vim when editing this code. Vim's
> great,
> but I prefer TextMate's intuitive interface and elegant appearance and
> integration with OS X. Great job by the way. If TextMate can help me
> overcome
> this tab problem I'll gladly purchase a license.
> Cheers, Ryan

Sadly it's not just legacy code. The tab behaviour you describe is the one
defined as part of the Java Coding Standards; and in the company where I
work, deciding to adhere strictly to that was the only way we were able to
resolve the code-formatting arguments! :-}

I hates it, personally; one-tabchar-per-indent-level makes obvious sense,
but there you go. XCode can do it. (Set Tab width to 8, indent width to 4,
tab key inserts tab, and it all happens automatically.) But it's only a
global preference, not even per-project. Apart from that the behaviour's
perfect for this style of tabbing. And besides, I like TextMate now (and
already bought a license!)

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