[TxMt] TODO bundle only searching first folder in a project

Soryu soryu at serenity.de
Sat Nov 10 12:17:20 UTC 2007

Hey Daryl,

On 08.11.2007, at 16:15, Daryl Spitzer wrote:

> I just tried using the TODO bundle for the first time in a project
> with folders.  It appears to only search the files in the first folder
> in the project.  Is this a bug or user error?

are you referring to ‘groups’ (yellow icons) when you say: a project  
with folders? It works for me in all ways. If at all it searches too  
much (It uses the biggest common denominator path of all the files in  
the project as base path).

Maybe you can describe your project layout a little more so I can try  
to reconstruct the case.


PS: The error I wrote about in the other email was because I was out  
of synch with SVN, so disregard that.

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