[TxMt] regular expression error in texMate.py

Fernando Diaz fdiaz at cs.umass.edu
Sat Nov 10 04:42:24 UTC 2007

I'm sure why these should override user-specified engines but the  
following packages are checked for when using texMate.py,

    latexIndicators = ['pstricks' , 'xyling' , 'pst-asr' , 'OTtablx' ,  
'epsfig' ]
    xelatexIndicators = ['xunicode', 'fontspec']

Unfortunately, the regular expression that detects packages is

	'([^%]|^)\\usepackage(\[[\w, \-]+\])?\{([\w\-]+)\}'

which detects commented packages including anything (eg, spaces) after  
the '%'.  Seems like the following may make more sense

	'(^[^%]*)\\usepackage(\[[\w, \-]+\])?\{([\w\-]+)\}'

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