[TxMt] GTDAlt on Tiger: Inbox script not working and synchronization unclear

Christoph Held prion67 at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 9 07:47:45 UTC 2007

Hi Haris,

thanks for the feedback. Let's see:

1) Yes, it was, but I just did it again to be sure. It is at revision
8414. What prompts this error message and which files does the bundle
expect to find? Maybe I haven't seen something really obvious so don't
be afraid to make a suggestion.

> On Nov 8, 2007, at 5:01 PM, Christoph Held wrote:
> > Hi all
> >
> > please bear with me, I am just trying to get my head round the GTDAlt
> > bundle but it is not loving me back.
> >
> > 1) It is working ok, but although I duly created the two shell
> > variables TM_GTD_DIRECTORY and TM_GTD_INBOX and also a inbox.txt file
> > inside said directory I am still getting the error message "Some files
> > need to get created first" upon calling the "Process inbox" script. I
> > must have overlooked something but I am stuck.
> >
>         Is this the bundle checked out from the subversion repository? If
> not, please check it out from there. (section 5.7 http://
> macromates.com/textmate/manual/bundles).

ad 2) Same behaviour. If I call up, say, the "Current Actions" and
check a tickbox to mark a task as done, this does not propagate to the
textfile as such. I have seen it happen once or twice, but more often
than not it doesn't work.
What is the normal behaviour, does the bundle expect another trigger
to make this synchronization between the HTML and the textfile happen?
If so, how long does it take and what is this trigger?
What would be a reproducible case? I can take the sample file and
produce the behaviour described above, does that suffice?

> > 2) I have been unable to find out what actually causes ticking the
> > checkbox in the HTML output back to the actual textfile to mark a task
> > as completed. It sometimes does, sometimes it just doesn't.
> That's hard to track down, only thing I can suggest is try to get a
> reproducible case, and then we can go from there.

ad 3) Sometimes I just want to jot down an action that will become
relevant in a rather distant future. Ideally, I would not want it do
add to the clutter of my todolist until it actually becomes actionable
("Write tax report" simply does not make sense before the end of the
year where I live).
Remind is wonderfully flexible. We have a meeting taking place every
first and third Tuesday of a month. Depending on the month, the dates
and times between vary. I can even specify the duration of the meeting
and ask to be reminded 3 hours before each meeting. This page has
more, if you are interested

> > 3) Are recurring actions aka "remind" an option?
> Probably not atm, can you give an example of what you had in mind?

ad 4) This behaviour has not changed. Just to make sure we are on the
same page: I used the Textmate command Ctrl-Cmd-uparrow to move an
unselected line. It works if you just want to move up a single line
but the focus stays with the line, not the content which is now one
position up on the page. So issuing the command once more toggles the
old state back.

What is the correct way to move a line up two or more lines
preferrably avoiding the mouse?

> > 4) When sorting tasks by using the Textmate "Line up/line down"
> > command, the focus does not stay with the line that I just shifted,
> > thus shifting it two or more lines up or down inconvenient. Is there a
> > way around this other than moving the caret?
> That's what prompted me to think you might have an older version of
> the bundle, the subversion version shouldn't have anymore the
> commands that made that happen (I was overriding the default TM
> commands, to make it possible to move lines without selecting them,
> but it wasn't working very well).
> > Many thanks in advance, Textmate is a great tool that I appreciate
> > more and more
> > Prion
> Haris
Many thanks, I appreciate your help

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