[TxMt] GTDAlt on Tiger: Inbox script not working and synchronization unclear

Christoph Held prion67 at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 8 22:01:46 UTC 2007

Hi all

please bear with me, I am just trying to get my head round the GTDAlt
bundle but it is not loving me back.

1) It is working ok, but although I duly created the two shell
variables TM_GTD_DIRECTORY and TM_GTD_INBOX and also a inbox.txt file
inside said directory I am still getting the error message "Some files
need to get created first" upon calling the "Process inbox" script. I
must have overlooked something but I am stuck.

2) I have been unable to find out what actually causes ticking the
checkbox in the HTML output back to the actual textfile to mark a task
as completed. It sometimes does, sometimes it just doesn't.

3) Are recurring actions aka "remind" an option?

4) When sorting tasks by using the Textmate "Line up/line down"
command, the focus does not stay with the line that I just shifted,
thus shifting it two or more lines up or down inconvenient. Is there a
way around this other than moving the caret?

Many thanks in advance, Textmate is a great tool that I appreciate more and more

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