[TxMt] minor bug with status command in svn bundle?

Phil Schumm pschumm at uchicago.edu
Thu Nov 1 20:38:30 UTC 2007

Although I have used svn exclusively via the command line in the  
past, I'm really enjoying the convenience of the svn bundle --  
especially when working within a project.  I did, however, notice one  
minor problem which might be a bug.  Say I have the following  
(invisible) directory named .foo:

vampire-squid:~/Desktop/.foo pschumm$ svn status
?      my-new-file
M      foobar.tex

(note the period in the directory name, and the new file still  
unknown to svn).  If I open the file foobar.tex in TextMate and use  
the status command from the svn bundle, the resulting output shows  
only the modified file (i.e., the new file does not appear in the  
output).  However, if I remove the . from the directory name (i.e.,  
change it from .foo to foo), then the output of the status command  
shows both files (i.e., it is consistent with the output of "svn  
status").  Thus, it would appear that when a period appears in the  
path, new files are not shown in the status output.

This situation can arise if, say, you keep personal settings folders  
(which often start with a period) under version control.

-- Phil

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