[TxMt] All these crazy key assignments...

Brian Huddleston binarynomad at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 07:28:52 UTC 2007

I agree, it would be nice to include the inherent key assignments  
from TextMate.  For example: I'm still trying to figure out what  
<ctrl><shift><s> does, and I cannot find it in the menus.  (it makes  
the gutter into a input field, that seems to be some sort of manual  
text selection, but I'm not sure)

Brian H
binarynomad at gmail.com

On Oct 31, 2007, at 11:47 PM, Eric Abrahamsen wrote:

>> cmd+ctrl+t and then click on the triangle next to the magnifying  
>> glass and choose "key equivalent"
> Good lord, that's wonderful.
> Would there be any way to add the keys for the regular Text and  
> Navigation menu choices in there?
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