[TxMt] Project Sidebar Size (branched thread) : Feature Request/Thoughts(?)

Cliff Pruitt lists.cpruitt at cliffpruitt.com
Wed May 30 20:21:48 UTC 2007

OK I know this is a lame feature that probably only I would use, but  
here are my thoughts & maybe someone has a suggestion or maybe it  
could make its way into TextMate 9.1 or something...
I know there are keyboard shortcuts to focus on the drawer and to  
show the drawer, but I'd love a shortcut to toggle the size of the  
drawer.  By that I mean:

Initial State: Project window with drawer of n px width. (TM  
"remembers" and saves this value)
Closed State: Drawer is hidden, but project window resizes its width  
to fill the space that was once occupied by the drawer.
Expanded state: project drawer increases its width until all items in  
the drawer are displayed without any ellipsis (...) characters.  The  
window resizes (reduces) its width to make room for the drawer.

In all of the modes the sum of window width + drawer width would  
remain equal.  The reason I bring it up is that I almost always work  
with TM zoomed to fill the screen.  Toggling the drawer on/off does  
not resize the window so it doesn't improve the size of the project  
window.  Also, if I have several nested folders, it becomes difficult  
to read file names when the drawer is kept narrow.  I'm constantly  
dragging folders from the drawer to the dock icon to open temporary  
sub-projects or revealing files in the finder just to view the files  
full names.

I don't expect that this is something that enough people need to  
warrant major development time, but I thought I'd just voice my  
opinion.  Maybe TM 2.0 will open up something that a plugin can use  
to handle this functionality?

If anyone sees some obvious currently available solution I'm  
overlooking please let me know.

- Cliff

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