[TxMt] Experimental Wiki

David F. Snyder dsnyder at txstate.edu
Wed May 30 02:41:52 UTC 2007

Me, again.

OK, so the GHCi fix was due to Alan's patch of the haskell bundle, not to my
trashing my local bundle repository.

I've been playing with the 3rd party bundle Plain Text Wiki, but it doesn't
seem to play nice with the fact that I modify some of the standard bundles
(LaTeX templates and commands primarily). I've installed it in the standard
place now, but then it will get wiped out upon update, right?

So, I tried the Experimental Wiki bundle: easy to do, perform the one
command available. Apparently it should open a wiki based in a subdirectory
of the bundle. I get the following error message, looks like a typo in the
file linkify.rb

Wiki.tmbundle/Support/bin/linkify.rb:39:in `<<'
Wiki.tmbundle/Support/bin/linkify.rb:38:in `open'
sh: line 1: /Users/ds08/Library/Application
Support/TextMate/Support/bin/Markdown.pl: No such file or directory

I went into linkify.rb and noticed that the path is based on a HOME
directory, so I altered that path name to be based on TM_SUPPORT_PATH. Now
it works. And its cool (a bit clunky but useful).

It would be good to have the patch committed to the repository.

Best wishes

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