[TxMt] new shirt ideas/slogans

Dana Kashubeck dana.kashubeck at riemer.com
Tue May 29 16:45:35 UTC 2007

On 5/27/07 3:05 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:
> On 27. May 2007, at 14:43, Thomas Aylott (subtleGradient) wrote:
>> [...]
>> Does anyone have a vector version of the icon? Maybe the original 
>> photoshop file or anything?
>>     That'd make the conversion to a vector object a lot easier.
> I have a 3-4 color version of the icon (from Wolfgang) which he did for 
> the last shirts.
> An alternative is to only use the cog, Jacob made this mockup which I 
> like (the composition, the slogan is not my favorite ;) ): 
> http://pastie.textmate.org/paste/asset/65002/Picture_21.png
> I also really like the tab trigger idea, and for slogans, the “beyond 
> words” is my favorite.

Oooooh . . . I *love* that graphic.  I think that it is very nicely done 
and I like the subtle slogan.  I also agree that "beyond words" is good. 
  Although, I have to say that Helmut's "beyond text" makes more sense.

I don't think I would put the tab trigger under the logo, though.  I 
think the best place for it is on the back.

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