[TxMt] Unused key-bindings

Steve King steve at narbat.com
Tue May 29 15:01:43 UTC 2007

On Sat, 26 May 2007, Fred B wrote:

> Bundles menu -> Select Bundle Item.
> Change the search field to "Key equivalent", type the shortcut.
> Note that the result depend on the scope in the frontmost doc.

One problem is that this only shows keys assigned to bundle items, not 
keys assigned to built-in functions (items on the File, Edit, etc. menus). 
I'd like to see an enhanced form of the Select Bundle Item dialog in TM2, 
which includes the built-in keybindings as well as other information:

   Item name
   Item type (command, snippet, built-in, etc.)
   Bundle in which the item is found

Ideally this would be presented in the standard table-view widget, so that 
I can display or hide any column, re-arrange the columns, and 
(especially!) sort by any column.

It would also be nice to have a similar table indexed by scope.  That is, 
for each scope show the bundles which define or reference it and the keys 
active within that scope.

And I'd also like a pony. :-)

Steve King, <steve at narbat.com>

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