[TxMt] relative project path (for bundles), without a project

David Eriksson bbs at fatslice.com
Mon May 28 16:51:38 UTC 2007

I (and many others) use Mate with just typing

   [term] mate /Dev/projectname

That gives you a TM window with the "project drawer".
But this isn't really a project since we have no .tmproj file.

Anyway, two questions

Is there a $TM_... path that can tell me the top-level directory for  
the open window?

Reason I'm asking is that some bundles, (just tried the AS3 one)  
depends on knowing the "root folder". They should just assume that we  
wanna use the currently opened dir (if one).

Any alternative way of adding "tm shell variables" to a directory.
Like the ones in project.tmproj -> shellVariables -> ..


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