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Xavier Cambar xcambar at gmail.com
Mon May 28 15:29:27 UTC 2007

Le 28 mai 07 à 16:01, Jay Soffian a écrit :

> On May 27, 2007, at 6:17 AM, Édouard Gilbert wrote:
>> I was thinking about
>> text
> This got me thinking. The point of snippets is to save typing. So  
> the above should really be tm⇥.
> But then it occurred to me. The snippet should be added to the  
> TextMate bundle. Then put the trigger on the t-shirt. Something like:
> nyfe⇥
> If someone asks you what the heck that means, tell them they need  
> to type it into TextMate to find out. Kinda like a secret- 
> handshake. :-)
> (Bonus points for coming up with an acronym/backronym that stands  
> on its own.)
> j.
> <Slogan.tmSnippet>
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I liked the "Try it to find out" part of your idea.
Thinking of something dealing with text, I (i.e. a software)  
converted an image of the gear to ASCII art.

A simple tm⇥ would do the thing and display it in the current  

nyfe⇥ was nice, it has pros that my attempt doesn't, like it is more  
attractive because many would get what "tm" means, and so won't type  
it in the editor, but "nyfe" sounds like you WANT to try to find out.  
At least , "nyfe" worked for me!
...But... I'm not fond of the result of the snippet.

One thing sucks about what I did: it is recommended to maximise the  
window, otherwise, it will look bad, sooo baaad!  (width: 166 lines)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, may you appreciate it!

Xavier Cambar

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