[TxMt] Web Searches Bundle

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Mon May 28 06:06:23 UTC 2007

On 28. May 2007, at 07:51, Oliver Taylor wrote:

> I must have missed the memo, where did the web searches bundle go?

It was sort of replaced by the Hyperlink Helper bundle (I say sort  
of, because they are functionally related, but not equivalent).

> I miss the "search google" and "shorten amazon url" commands.

As for “Shorten Amazon Link”, if you have the link on the  
clipboard, press ⌃⇧L to insert a link using a shortened form of  
the URL (if there is a selection then this will be used as the link  
text) -- this works for most markup languages supported by TM (HTML,  
Markdown, etc.)

As for “Google”, there are a few search functions in the Hyperlink  
Helper, but these will all insert the resulting link in your  
document, where the Web Searches would open a browser window.

If you need the latter behavior, I’d suggest trying Quicksilver  
instead. The way I do it is by pressing ⌘E to copy the text to the  
search clipboard, then ⌘␣ to invoke Quicksilver, and now ‘g’ +  
2 × ↩ to google that. The nice thing about this workflow is that I  
can use ‘wp’ to Wikipedia the text, ‘im’ to Internet Movie  
Database the text, etc. and it works in basically all programs (not  
just TM) -- the downside is that if you’re not using OmniWeb, its  
search shortcuts, and the OmniWeb QS module, setting up these web  
queries in Quicksilver is IIRC not trivial.

If these solutions are not to your likings, it is possible to do a  
checkout of the last revision of the Web Searches bundle.

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