[TxMt] HTML syntax coloring

Tobias Jung newsgr at tobiasjung.net
Sun May 27 18:04:32 UTC 2007


TextMate's HTML syntax coloring seems to be based on rules while 
other coloring schemes (e.g. CSS, PHP) are based on keywords.

Here's an example with syntax errors:

<style type="css">
     broder:1px solid #000;
<p stlye="width:100px">foo bar</p>

So, TexMate will display the 'broder' NOT colored (because it's a 
syntax error) which shows me that TextMate uses keywords here.
But it WILL display the 'stlye' colored (using the "Markup tag 
attribute" color)  because it is placed where a attribute has to 
be... but of course, it's no valid HTML attribute.

So, my question is: Is there any way to get TextMate to use a keyword 
list for HTML coloring as well - so it will use the default text 
color for 'stlye' making me realize that it's a typo?

Kind regards,
Tobias Jung

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