[TxMt] Release notes and diff - how to distinguish .txt files?

Rafał Komorowski komor at mac.com
Sat May 26 12:42:36 UTC 2007


I'm using TextMate for Ruby and Rails development. There is a feature/ 
behaviour that worked correctly, back in early days, but it doesn't  
work now, since long. Here it goes:
I have a changelog.txt file in my Rails project, that describes  
changes made in svn-commits. This file should be viewed as "Release  
Notes" file-type (then it's properly colored etc.). But it is in  
conflict with the Subversion-bundle (or Diff-bundle?), because  
temporaty diff-files generated by TextMate (when using Subversion- 
bundle) have now a .txt extension too, not .diff, as it used to have.
Now, when I'm manually switching the language from the popup-menu  
(the one located at the bottom of the diff window) then next time I'm  
viewing a changelog.txt, it's treated as "Plain Text", not as  
"Release Notes" type of document. When I'm manually switching it to  
the "Release Notes" then next time a diff is generated, it's  
displayed as "Plain Text", not as "Diff".

I tried to look into the bundles, but I cannot find anything helpful.  
Maybe the diffs should have a .diff file--extension? Maybe I have  
something messed-up in my bundle-config?

Described behaviour is consistent on 2 machines (both PowerPC and  

Any ideas? TIA.


Rafał Komorowski
komor at mac.com
GG: 4083718

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