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Dougal dougal at gmail.com
Thu May 24 02:16:29 UTC 2007

When you use the command, it spits out lots of <span class="text text_tex
text_tex_latex"> things, but the CSS definitions only seems to come when you
do a full document.

If you look at the command definition, this is right in there: :include_css
=> !ENV.has_key?('TM_SELECTED_TEXT')

My guess is that this is so you can more easily paste different chunks into
one bigger document. If you want to always include the css, just change that
to :include_css => true. Or if you'd rather leave it as-is, just paste what
you wanted into a new document before HTML-izing it.

On 5/22/07, Jacob Rus <jacobolus at gmail.com> wrote:
> Juan Falgueras wrote:
> > ....but, why it doesn't colour when you give it selections?  ehmmm
> >
> > I usually need to cut functions, etc...
> >
> > but anyway the Brad Choate solution is much much better than the
> > enscript one.  Thanks
> >
> > Is there some trick for make B. Choate script to colour portions of
> text?
> You're going to have to explain what you're having trouble with.  I have
> no trouble turning selections to html with that command...
> -Jacob
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