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Juan Falgueras jfalgueras at uma.es
Wed May 23 02:03:58 UTC 2007

	Thanks Dougal, it is very impressive, really.

...but, why it doesn't colour when you give it selections?  ehmmm

I usually need to cut functions, etc...

but anyway the Brad Choate solution is much much better than the  
enscript one.  Thanks

Is there some trick for make B. Choate script to colour portions of  


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> Have you tried "Create HTML from Document / Selection" in the  
> TextMate bundle?
> On 5/21/07, Juan Falgueras < jfalgueras at uma.es> wrote:
>         Hi
> I used to need pretty print my C++ code for students and I have found
> the next simple script solves my problem in a cute way, since it
> shows me the formatted code in a separate window (output "Show as
> HTML") and then I can easily copy the source (Cmd-Opt-U) or the
> styled text (copying directly from the output window):
> ----- input "Selected text" or "Document"
> echo "<PRE>"
> enscript --language=html -Ecpp -e -B --color \
>    --header="$TM_FILENAME|$E|pag. $% de $=" --title="$TM_FILENAME" \
>    -o- 2>/dev/null | \
> perl -ne 'next if (1../<PRE>/i); last if (m|</PRE>|..1); print'
> echo "</PRE>"
> ------ output "Show as HTML"
> --- Save nothing, source.c
> I would like to generalize it for it to be used with other source
> code, not only C, what should be the better way? to have a table
> mapping modes with enscript input modes... ?
> Any help will be welcome.
> --
> Juan F.

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