[TxMt] html pretty print

Juan Falgueras jfalgueras at uma.es
Mon May 21 21:28:54 UTC 2007


I used to need pretty print my C++ code for students and I have found  
the next simple script solves my problem in a cute way, since it  
shows me the formatted code in a separate window (output "Show as  
HTML") and then I can easily copy the source (Cmd-Opt-U) or the  
styled text (copying directly from the output window):

----- input "Selected text" or "Document"
echo "<PRE>"

enscript --language=html -Ecpp -e -B --color \
   --header="$TM_FILENAME|$E|pag. $% de $=" --title="$TM_FILENAME" \
   -o- 2>/dev/null | \
perl -ne 'next if (1../<PRE>/i); last if (m|</PRE>|..1); print'

echo "</PRE>"
------ output "Show as HTML"
--- Save nothing, source.c

I would like to generalize it for it to be used with other source  
code, not only C, what should be the better way? to have a table  
mapping modes with enscript input modes... ?

Any help will be welcome.

Juan F.

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