[TxMt] Auto-save every n minutes?

James Frost frosty at sucs.org
Sat May 12 02:08:39 UTC 2007


Firstly, Textmate is a fantastic text editor! I use it all the time,
and it constantly amazes me with something new and clever :-)

Anyway, I would like to either request a new feature, or ask if
anybody has an idea how/if it could be scripted as an automated task?

Essentially I'd like to be able to set, on a per-document basis, the
ability to have the document automatically save itself every minutes.
Today, my macbook crashed, and I lost a fairly big chunk of an essay.

It may actually be better if a way could be suggested to simply
automate a task every n minutes - that way, I could have Textmate
automatically commit a document to my svn/bzr repository! That'd be

So... is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

James Frost

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