[TxMt] Dynamic Snipplr Bundle

Tyler Hall tylerhall at gmail.com
Sat May 12 00:00:49 UTC 2007

Hi. My name is Tyler - I run Snipplr.com. (Allan blogged about us last
summer.) I'm working on an updated bundle for Snipplr, and was
wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me test it?

(BTW: For the rest of this message when I say "snippet", I'm referring
to a snippet stored on Snipplr, not a TextMate snippet.)

I ask because I'm doing some strange stuff with it. Previously, I was
sending a request to the server each time the user requested a
snippet. This new version syncs your snippets and favorites directly
into TextMate's bundle menu - giving you offline access to all your
code stored in Snipplr.

To do this, I'm generating the TextMate bundle on-the-fly using PHP on
the server - so each user's bundle is customized for their account.
I'm creating the tmSnippet's, tmBundle's, plists, etc.. It's also got
an auto-update feature to keep the bundle's snippets in sync.

So far everything is working. I need to add code to make it handle
errors gracefully and also to check the integrity of the bundle before
it installs an update of itself.

Any feedback on how I can improve the way I'm doing this would be
greatly appreciated.

More info about the new bundle (and how to get it!) is available here:


Thanks :)

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